Creative Standalone Workflow

This is the workflow in place for companies that use a separate ad server (not ADTECH's IQ solution) for ad serving. They use Creative to design and serve rich media ads.

The premise is that the people building the ads use Creative to get the ad in a state that’s ‘ready to traffic’. This could be an external creative agency or an in-house creative team. When they’re happy that the ad is ready to go live, they invite a Trafficker to the ad (see share panel) and they set the ad as ‘Ready to Traffic’ (see actions panel).

Responsibility for the ad is then handed over to the Trafficker. Whilst the ad builders will be either external or internal, the Trafficker will always be part of the company that has a contract in place to serve rich media ads using Creative. They have extra permissions (see user settings) that allow them to create flights, collect tags to deliver the ad and also generate reports.

The trafficker can then generate a tag to deliver the ad in the Flights panel. If the ad is to be delivered across different sites and/or placements and it’s desired that each is tracked separately, then the Trafficker can create a Flight for each site/placement. This will generate a separate tag to use for each.

If a creative change needs to be made after the tag has been generated and delivered, then the ad builder can log back into Creative and make this change. After the change has been made, it is then up to the Trafficker to re-push the ad live in the Actions Panel where it will automatically be updated on any tags that are live.

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