Introduction to Creative

Welcome to Creative! We’d like to share a few principles upon which we built this product:

Creative freedom

At the heart of Creative is a framework that enables and encourages creativity. We want designers to use the tools they’re comfortable with to produce exciting and innovative designs and not restrict them by enforcing the use of rigid build processes.
Our only requirements, covered in the the five rules of ad building, are the use of a simple, lightweight component or library within the ads and rules to ensure that the ad behaves and tracks correctly when being served live.

We provide both an AS3 component for those who want to build the ad in either the Flash/Flex/Eclipse IDEs and a Javascript library for those who want to build HTML5 ads in Dreamweaver, the future Adobe EDGE or even notepad!

Rich collaboration

Anyone involved in online advertising knows that rich media campaigns are notorious for long lead times, numerous phone calls and an insane number of emails. And this is just before the ad goes live! We’ve had a go at solving these problems with our rich collaboration framework that forms a core part of Creative, our rich media web application.
Want a colleague to upload some new hi res images to your ad? Then invite them to the ad, give them a role as editor, and send a message asking them to upload them. Want the brand manager’s approval? Invite them to the ad as a Reviewer and request it. Want to inform the trafficker that the ad is ready to go? Submit it for trafficking and they will be notified. All through Creative.

Full Control

We’ve made an effort to put you in full control of the ad, throughout the life of the ad.
Clickthrough urls can be easily edited, files replaced, reporting labels modified, alignment and positioning changed and third party tracking urls can be added, all through the same screen. The impact of any changes made can be seen immediately, on the same screen.
You can also be confident that what you see within Creative is what the ad will look like, and how the ad will function, when live. No duplicates of the ad are ever made in the ad serving system so if you need to make a quick change to a live ad, you can edit it in Creative, put it through a review process if required, and then push it live. This will update the ad in whichever campaign it’s been assigned to and wherever it’s being delivered.

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