Creating a Template in Creative

Creating a Template from an Ad

From the platform standpoint, a Template is a ‘re-usable’ version of an Ad. To create a Template, you go through exactly the same steps as you would to create an ad. Once you’ve uploaded your assets and are happy with the functionality of the ad, it’s time to save it as a Template. To do this you can choose the ‘Create Template’ option in the select box at the bottom of the interface. Select ‘Create Template’, click Go, and you will be prompted for a Template Name. Enter this, click Save and you have created a Template!

This Template will then appear in your list of Templates. By default, everyone within your company will be able to view and use it, given the template id. This can be changed by setting the Company role appropriately in the Info panel. Also, since you have all the Sharing capabilities that you have with an ad at your disposal, you can share your Template with anyone outside your company as well.

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