Company Admin Settings

With large teams, there may be different roles and people will come and go. For these reasons it may be necessary to administer your company in Creative, which can be done by clicking the Admin/Companies button on the left hand side.

If you have the necessary permissions you can edit attributes of your company as well as administer individual users.

  • Name: The name of the company as seen in the user settings dialog.
  • Preview Domain: By pointing a CNAME record in your DNS to, you are able to ‘brand’ the Creative preview url under your own domain. Once you have set up the CNAME record, simply enter the new domain here.
  • Date Format: The preferred date format for the company. Either day first, EU style or month first, US style.
  • Default ad server: Standalone customers have the ability to choose their default ad server. This means that when generating tags, all the necessary ad server macros such as cache busting and click redirects are populated in the tag by default.
  • Use https in tags: Creative gives standalone customers the option to serve their rich media through a secure tag. This means that the initial ad response, as well as any additional assets such as scripts, images and video, will be served over a secure connection.

In addition to Company level settings, it is possible to change the permissions of individual users by clicking on their edit icon on the right hand side.

  • Name: The display name of the user used throughout the application to identify the user.
  • Can edit company: Allows the selected user to modify company and user permissions.
  • Can traffic ads: Allows the selected user to traffic ads if in the standalone workflow and trafficking credentials have been associated with the company.

It is also possible to remove a user from the platform by clicking the delete icon next to their name. The user’s account will no longer be accessible. Ensure any ads that this user owns have been shared with other users within the company before deleting them.

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