Ad List

This is where you begin each time you log in to Creative. It’s purpose is to get you to your ad in as few clicks as possible. You can search for your ad using the search bar at the top, by using the filters, or you can click on any column value to filter the list by that column value. This is very flexible and powerful. For example, you can click on an Advertiser to filter the list to only show ads from that Advertiser. Then you can click on a Campaign to filter the list to only show ads from that Campaign. Then you can click on 728×90 to filter the list to only display ads of that size. Or you could start by filtering to 728×90, then filter by Campaign, etc etc. However your mind is working, you can drill down to the ad you want to edit.

You can also use the helpful preset filters on the right hand side drop down menu to help you filter the list to find your ad. For example, if you’re only interested in ads that are assigned to you, click the “Assigned to me” filter. There’s also a favourites system. Click the star next to any ad and that ad will be listed under the Starred ads filter.

Once you’ve found your ad, you can choose to view it by clicking on it’s name. This takes you to the preview screen for that ad, discussed in the ad preview. Alternatively, you can choose to edit it straight from the list by clicking it’s check box to select it, and then opening up any of the right hand side panels. It is also possible to check multiple boxes if, for example, you need to upload the same file to 5 ads, or enter the same clickthrough url, you are able to drill down to the 5 ads, select them all and then upload the file in the files panel or enter the clickthrough in the clicks panel.

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