Share Panel

The share panel is where you can invite other people to collaborate on the ad and edit existing collaborator roles.

When inviting someone you can (depending on your own role) choose to give them a role of either viewer, editor, owner or trafficker:

Viewer: A viewer will only be able to see the ad, can send a message about it and request a change (see actions panel), but won’t be able to edit any aspect of it.

Editor: An editor can edit any properties of the ad, invite any other role types and perform all available actions except push to IQ.

Owner: An owner has the exact same permissions as an Editor but there can only be one Owner per ad. It can be used to establish responsibility for the ad during it’s workflow.

Trafficker: The trafficker role is the most important – traffickers can both view and edit the ad. If they have added their ADTECH IQ login details in the user settings panel, they can push an ad to ADTECH IQ (see actions panel) so that it can be assigned to a campaign and delivered.

When inviting someone to an ad, you can optionally include a message by entering text in the message box. When you click send, the invitee gets an email with details of the ad, your message to them and a clickable link to the ad. If they’ve already used Creative , they will be prompted for their password and can then collaborate on the ad in whichever role you gave them. If they’re a new user, they will still be able to click and view the ad via the unique url that was sent to them. However, if they want to perform any other action, they will be prompted to register by entering their name and a password. Then they can start collaborating.

If you’re an editor, owner or trafficker, you can edit other people’s roles and also remove them as a collaborator. Just click on the edit or delete icon next to the person in the collaboration list.

There’s also workflow for those IQ users who want to manage the Creative workflow on their own (i.e upload the ad to Creative , configure it and then push it to IQ). If you create the ad (i.e are the owner) and Creative detects that you have IQ credentials, then it will make the Push to IQ action available to you in the Actions panel.

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