Clicks Panel

In this panel you can view and edit the names and urls of the clickthroughs defined in the files. On file upload, Creative analyses the files and records each clickthrough used (ie. any calls to and/or any uses of the click component) so that they can be viewed and edited here. To edit a clickthrough name or URL, click on the edit icon next to it.

The names are what will eventually be reported against in the rich media reports so here you can make sure that they will make sense to the report viewer. For example, the flash developer might have called"twitter_click") on a twitter icon used within the ad. For better report readability, you can use this panel to rename this to “Clickthrough to Twitter”.

If the developer didn’t know the clickthrough URL, or got it wrong, you can enter it, or edit it, here. There’s also an advanced options section if you need to edit the target or the features of the new window that is opened. This isn’t usually required but if you do need to understand this better you can read more about the open window method.

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