Content Panel

In this panel, you can edit the values of the content variables defined in the ad. On file upload, Creative analyses the files and records each content variable used (ie. any calls to ADTECH.getContent('contentName') so that the values can be edited here.

For example, the flash designer/developer might have called ADTECH.getContent("interest_rate") to display an interest rate within the ad. You can use this panel to change the interest rate value that will display in the ad.

There are several different input types in the content panel which allow you to change the values easily.

Text Boxes

A simple input allowing text to be entered.

Yes / No (Boolean)

A checkbox allowing for simple yes / no / true / false values.

Select Box

A finite set of options which you can select from a drop-down menu.

Color Picker

The color picker allows you to easily pick a color value with the need to know the Hex value.

File Upload

The image upload input allows you to browse to a file on your system or drag and drop a file, in order to upload it to the system.


Collections are lists of items that share the same attributes. List can be useful for items such as image or video galleries. You can add and remove items using the ‘plus’ and ‘trash’ icons respectively. You can also re-order items in a content collection using the ‘nudge left’ and ‘nudge right’ buttons.

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