How to generate a tag.

To generate a tag, you must first have trafficking credentials associated to your Pictela account and have sufficient permissions on the ad to traffic it.

Once you have the correct permissions, select the ad in Pictela and navigate to the Actions Panel.

  1. From the drop down menu, select, "Create Flight" (a flight is a campaign with a tag associated) and you should be presented with a form to fill out details of the flight.
  2. Give the flight a name and optionally define which website, page of the website and placement on the page, the flight will be delivered to. This is useful if you have multiple websites or pages which you wish to run the flight on but you want just one report at the end. A multi-flight report will then break down each flight by it's site, section and placement.
  3. Next, configure your end date for the flight. This is the most important part of the tag creation. This flight will keep serving up until this date regardless of the impression indicator. If the tag is requested in this time frame, it will serve. There is a two week buffer after this end date should the flight need to be re-instated. After these two weeks the flight will expire and you will need to generate a new one.
  4. Lastly enter the target impressions for this campaign. This is just an indicator of expected impressions useful in reporting. The flight will still serve if this number is exceeded. All campaign targeting must be done at adserver level.
  5. Once you are happy with the details, click the submit button and your tag will be generated.

To retrieve or 'pull' your tag, switch to the Flights panel where you should see your newly created flight listed.

You should see a little tag icon which, when clicked on, will allow you to copy and paste or download your tag. There are also other options here which allow you to choose an adserver which the tag will be served through and whether to serve the tag securely or not.

It is also possible, in the Flights panel, to modify flight attributes as well as delete a flight entirely.

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